Minnesota Wild


2017-18 Season Campaign


Art Direction

The Challenge

Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and every winter those lakes transform into 10,000 ice rinks. But in late September even hockey-crazed Minnesota is dominated by college football, MLB playoffs and the NFL, meaning that the start of the NHL season can get lost in the shuffle. The Wild needed to engage a broader group of fans and make them feel like part of the team regardless of the time of year or wins and losses.

The Idea

This Is Our Ice invites fans from across the State of Hockey to contribute a piece of their hometown hockey heritage to the arena by bringing water from their local lake, pond or rink and adding it to the ice that their favorite players skate on.

Our agency provided the overall creative concept, art direction, and TV spot for the season campaign, which was then combined with visual design assets from the client’s in-house design and marketing team. For an exploration into my own thoughts on the design direction for this campaign, view the full case study here.


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Anthem TV 1 - Footage provided by the Minnesota Wild

Anthem TV 2 - Footage provided by the Minnesota Wild



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Opening Day

Water Contributions Map Through 2019-20 Season


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Creative Director

Tom Lord

Art Director

Corey Price


Derek Pletch

Associate Strategy Director

Meredith Engelen

Executive Producer & Director

Ryan O'Hara Theisen

Director & Editor

Cody Brown

Senior Broadcast Producer

Abby Stavig

Senior Producer

Kirsten O'Callaghan

Business Affairs Manager

Jess Eide

Account Director

Jeremy Pinches


Steve Peckham
Caroline Landree

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