DoorDash Dasher Central


Identity Design, Web Design

The Challenge

Dashers are the lifeblood of the DoorDash business model. But with so many people working independently many questions ultimately arise: How do I sign up? How do I get paid? What about peak hours?

Dasher Central provides all the info a Dasher needs in one place in order to lower the barrier to entry and retain a healthy number of delivery drivers wherever DoorDash operates.

The Idea

While working with the internal design team at DoorDash, we defined a new visual language for Dasher-related communications that was related to the main DoorDash visual identity, yet distinct enough to stand on its own. The system highlights the dynamic motion of Dashers from a wide range of backgrounds in a natural and authentic way.

All photography and illustration provided by DoorDash



DoorDash In-House

Creative Director

Mike Allen

Art Director

Shasta Mattey


Matthew Detiveaux

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